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Are you feeling sad? Overwhelmed? Anxious? We offer strictly confidential video counseling so you have someone to turn to with your worries.

Talk to us about your fears and worries

Problems in your family, stress at work or an insecure future can cause severe psychological stress. We listen to you and help you to find a way out of the crisis.

Online psychosocial counselling

Strictly confidential and secure

At eye level - this is about you

Promotes mental well-being

How does psychosocial counseling work?

Our approach combines psychological and social perspectives. It has been used with hundreds and thousands of clients all over the world and has been shown to be highly effective in several scientific studies.

"I never thought that changing small things would have such an impact on the big things in my life."

Ipso-client from Syria

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We wish you all the best and a good meeting with your counsellor.

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Ipso gemeinn├╝tzige Gesellschaft mbH, M├╝nsterplatz 13, 78462 Konstanz


Understand yourself

The first step to improvement is analysing your situation. Your counsellor will help you with this

Improve your situation

Together with your psychosocial counsellor, you will find ways to better handle your current situation.

Find your meaning

Your counsellor supports you to live up to your potential and in harmony with your values and your vision.

How you can register

You can easily register here . For a simple explanation, you can watch this video .

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